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7 Email List Hygiene Best Practices for a Fresh and Clean List

Mails Global Services’s Email database cleaning is the process of regularly updating our mailing list by purging outdated contacts and being responsive to recipient preferences. The result will be a clean mailing database or list that yields more effective interactions with contacts. Clean mailing (email) lists also produce fewer bounces, which improves our sender reputation because it signals to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that we are committed to respecting recipients’ inboxes instead of spamming them. This translates to get improved deliver ability across our entire subscriber base.

So many businesses never prune their email addresses because they assume that there is not an additional charge to send an email to one more person, but that is not correct and true. Using a dirty mailing addresses or list will have a cost: the damage to our sender reputation from mailing bounces or spam complaints. every time this damage adds up and will negatively affect our ability to reach our entire subscriber base, including our best or most engaged customers.

On average, mailing or email lists decline by around 22% every year. Up to one third of our subscribers do never open our emails, much less click on our call to action. So, what’s the point in talking to them?

Why Should We Care?

A poor quality and quantity mailing lists will have a direct impact on our sender reputation. And as a every email marketer must know, reputation is king. A good email reputation = good deliverability and good ROI (Return on Investment).

What is A “Clean” Mailing or Email Lists?

When you talk about a ‘clean’ email database or list, you are referring to a valid email list and addresses, who have engaged with one of our emails within at least the last 6 months.

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Check out our Mails Global Services below outlining some of the top most important benefits of using these types of mailing or email cleansing services and you will clearly see why it should be an integral part of our overall email deliverability strategy.

Tips to Maintain Clean Mailing Lists

If our email lists are not updated on a regular basis, the additional information of records or pieces of info might hamper the search time plus effectiveness. It will lower our marketing campaign success rate in addition to slowing the email addresses marketing process down. With the strong competition within the market every day, a slow and ineffective mailing delivery will be very expensive when our competitors utilize better tactics to win customers and thus a more solid market position.

Need to Understand the Dangers of Buying 3rd Party Email Lists

Even though it will seem very attractive to instantly enhance our email addresses with thousands of new mails at a comparatively low price, usually these mailing lists are outdated before we even paid for them. Thus, they contain lots of incorrect information like invalid mailing addresses, wrong names, invalid mailing formats, and so forth.

Should not waste our hard earned money and time communicating with in-existent contacts or the wrong names, phone numbers and contacts. Instead, we should invest our funds in marketing activities and campaigns that will enable we to build our own email database. Rather than focusing on number of our contacts, we should concentrate on the quality. A reliable mailing list cleaning service will help we do that

Save Some Valuable Money

Do we really need to pay to send messages to non-existent email database? Mailing lists validation reduces our overall marketing costs associated with our email marketing efforts due to bouncing mails.

Valid Campaign Stats

Undelivered emails are never going to open, click, or engage. By keeping this database on our email addresses, list, and our campaign statistics will not an accurate reflection of our email marketing efforts. List cleaning removes mailing addresses that are damaging our sender reputation and skewing our campaign statistics.

Increased Email Return on Investment (ROI)

In addition to saving money, email database and lists cleaning increases our overall email Return on Investment (ROI) by eliminating the investment in undeliverable emails, reducing bounces, improving our sender reputation, and providing more accurate metrics for decision making.

Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Undeliverable mailing addresses or database damage our sender reputation, causing our messages to be placed in the spam folder rather than the inbox. A clean email addresses or lists will get better inbox placement, better engagement, and better revenue opportunities through segmentation and targeting.

Get Rid of Invalids and Hard Bounces

Maximum mailing or email lists cleaning services as well as delivery tools will remove hard bounces automatically after 3 or 4 attempts It depends upon their policies and strategies and that will a good thing. Sending mailing continuously to invalid mailing addresses will negatively impact our delivery rates plus other reporting.

Lower Bounce Rate

One of the top most immediate benefits of mailing address verification will be a lower bounce rate. A bounce rate greater than 3-5% will a sign we need to clean our email database. Bounces are often caused by undeliverable email addresses on our list.

Increased Conversion Rates 

A bad mailing address will never convert. Email addresses and list cleaning usually increases conversion rates by removing email addresses that will never convert. When our messages are being received by an engaged audience, our conversion rates will increase.

More Effective Targeted Marketing

Verifying emails prevents our team from wasting valuable time email bad leads. After cleaning a mailing addresses and list, we should segment inactive vs. active emails and target each group with appropriate messaging.

Ability to be Proactive

We never want to find ourselves in a situation where we are having to react to being blocked by our ESP from sending email due to poor mailing database and lists maintenance. Practicing real-time email verification and frequent mailing addresses, database or list cleansing will help you prevent these scenarios leading to deliverability issues before they occur.

More Actionable Email Data Insights

Another benefit of cleaning an email database, addresses or lists are actionable insight into our mailing data. When invalid email database is removed from our email database and list, we get a better idea of how engaged our subscribers are with specific content.

Higher Conversion Rates

First and foremost we should know about Conversion Rates.Our conversion rates are the percentage of customers or visitors to our website that complete a desired goal (a conversion) out of the total number of website visitors. A high conversion rates are indicative of successful marketing and web design: It means people want what we are offering, and they are easily able to get it!

Conversions are all about engagement. If we will be sending to invalid or malicious mailing addresses, our conversion rates will be low. With a clean email list, our emails are being sent to an audience with a tendency for higher engagement propensity – ultimately leading to increased conversion rates.

Protect Our Sender Reputation 

This is one of the main factors of email deliverability is our sender reputation, which is determined by bounces, spam complaints, spam traps, and subscriber level engagement. Frequent mailing lists verification is one piece to the deliverability puzzle, and will help maintain a good sender reputation.

Prevent Delivery Issues 

It is much easier to take a proactive approach to mailing database, addresses or list maintenance than to wait until we are blocked from sending email. Real-time email verification, regular mailing addresses or list cleaning, and email assurance will help prevent deliverability issues before they begin.

Knowledge is Powerful

A huge benefit of cleaning an mailing database or lists are that it will give us a sound understanding of our email lists content which in turn provides you with actionable insight to make accurate and sound decisions regarding our campaigns. Ultimately, this detailed knowledge will allow you to better target and engage our recipients.

Implementing the practice of email verification and email hygiene mailing database and lists cleaning has numerous benefits. Senders who regularly utilize these services experience increased and faster deliverability, enhanced online reputation and conversion rates, and higher Return on Investment (ROI) on campaign outreaches. Check out your Mails Global Services below outlining some of the most important benefits of using these types of email cleansing services and we will clearly see why it should be an integral part of our overall email deliverability strategy. Almost any email marketer worries about deliverability rates and result of Return on Investment (ROI). Are we good enough? Could we be better? Are we about to drop because of some small mistake we have made or are about to make?

While there are so many ways to maintain good deliverability rates, the most common way is by improving email list hygiene. Mailing List hygiene, of course, will not involve soap or water. It is about separating the wheat from the chaff in our mailing list. It is acquiring new subscribers or visitors the right way, engaging them, and then deleting disengaged subscribers because low engagement rates hurt deliverability.

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