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Our Email Marketing Software assures the cutting-edged functionalities and all-encompassing email sending capabilities that are second to none. Its extended-ability further allows the distribution of functions to multiple computers. It is the one of its kind as having ability to create “Clients” or virtual campaign systems if you have distinct customers that need a separate Campaign Enterprise system.

The Main Attractions

  • In-House Software – This software can be run right from your computer or server and can be controlled from any web browser from anywhere!
  • Message Personalization – Provision for Unlimited Replaceable fields that is also termed as mail-merging.
  • Bounces – Significantly administers bounces and unsubscribes
  • Click-Through – Tracks down and reports click-throughs (links in your email), in order to let you know who’s responding.

Why to turn to Mails Global Services Email Marketing Software?

  • Helps send notices, newsletters, customer service disclosures, follow up emails and many more.
  • promotes indefinite number of lists, boundless list size, unlimited number of databases, and unlimited mailings
  • Multi-user component lets on an integrated team to collaborate on email campaigns.
  • Full Support is assured during the License Period.

The one-of-a-kind Features

  • Multiple campaigns can be done simultaneously.
  • Extracts all the detailed report within the dashboard.
  • Removes duplicates while uploading the files.

Our Email-campaign software comes up with a commitment to revolutionize the business world. It has all the highest standards to enable any business engage with their “Mails Global Services” and customers.

List Delivery Guarantee: 

95%+ for Direct mails, 95%+ for Tele-contacts and 85% to 90% + for emails.Nurses Email Lists

We provide Agricultural Industry Mailing Lists based on the countries,

  • Australian Agricultural Mailing List
  • Bhutan Agricultural Mailing List
  • Europe Agricultural Mailing List
  • India Agricultural Mailing List
  • Kenya Agricultural Mailing List
  • Liberia Agricultural Mailing List
  • Nepal Agricultural Mailing List
  • New Zealand Agricultural Mailing List
  • Nigeria Agricultural Mailing List
  • Switzerland Agricultural Mailing List
  • UK Agricultural Mailing List
  • USA Agricultural Mailing List
  • Zimbabwe Agricultural Mailing List and many more.


And we, at Mails Global Services, make sure you can effectively tap into that market.

Mails Global Services - Business to Business Email Lists

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