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Email Database holds crucial information about a business, and database  can be used to manage inventory and sales, as well as personnel.

Small businesses are running on databases. These repositories of organized information can store virtually every kind of data imaginable, and they can sort that information and deliver it to you with a click of a mouse. Business Mailing databases help small-business owners organize and track their particular customers, inventory and employees.

Mails Global Services Email Database is integral to the success of an electronic-business. They enable you to store, analyze and manages essential information about our products, our sales and our customers so we can quickly and very easily respond to changing market conditions. You can also share information in the email database with suppliers and logistics partners to improve the efficiency of your e-business operations.

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The robust reporting features of mailing databases make them useful resources for analyzing data and predicting future trends. For example, a productivity report might show that productivity slows so much on the Friday afternoons before a three-day holiday weekend that you may as well just let the staff go early on those days. A sales promotion effectiveness report might show that sales of certain products increased after an email marketing promotion while sales of other products increased after an in-store promotion. Customer behavior is predictable, and a database will help you anticipate and fulfill your customers’ needs

Customer Information

The Email list and mailing databases  should hold information on our consumers or customers, including their full names and contact details. For business customers, include the type and size of business and their industry sector. For consumers, add any personal information that would be relevant to their buying potential, such as age range, income, demographic details and interests. In certain countries, data protection legislation applies to personal information that organizations hold on a database, so ensure you comply if you sell in export markets.

Customer Management

A customer relationship management email database will help a small business manage the lifeblood of its business — its customers. A CRM mailing database organizes all the information a companies have about its accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities. A single customer’s record may include his contact details, the date and amount of his last order, the total amount of customesr purchases for the last year, a list of their favorite products and the products they returned, details of customer service calls and more. B2B Email Databases can also be used to manage marketing and our business promotions, to export email addresses and to prepare shipping labels.

Campaign Management

We can assess the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and product offers by analyzing the transaction information in our  database and producing reports. You can Compare sales before and after the campaign to identify the most successful campaigns. By analyzing trends in sales of different products in your portfolio, we can make changes to prices, product mix or stock levels.

Inventory Tracking

An inventory tracking email database can tell a retail business how much inventory is in a warehouse, in a storage room and on store shelves. Integrated bar codes and scanners form a complete tracking system, monitoring products as they move from one place to another and updating the database so we never need to count the inventory in a warehouse. An email database can also alert you when products and supplies are running short so you can order more before you run out of an essential item.

Personnel Email Database

Using an mailing database to manage employee information can simplify scheduling and help prevent payroll errors. An employee email lists or database contains such fields as hourly wage, salary or commission, tax withholding rates, year-to-date income and accrued vacation time. Other employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement account contributions, can also be recorded in a database. Two or more email database will be linked to each other to create an association between a sales representative in the personnel database and the accounts she is responsible for in the CRM email database.

Product Information

We use our e-business email database to hold and update information on our products, including detailed product descriptions and specifications, product reference numbers, prices, promotional offers and availability. we also can include details of the supplier for each products that we stock. By updating the information in the email database, rather than changing and publishing individual website pages, we can save time and ensure our website always shows visitors the latest information.


The detailed consumers, users or customer profiles enable you to make personalized offers to customers based on their preferences. If our website sells software, hardware and sportswear, for example, we could create promotional campaigns targeted at all male customers in our email database who play golf and prefer a specific brand. we can also use the mailing list or database to customize prices for your larger business customers. When a customer selects a product and requests a price, the email database returns the price or discount you have set for that company.

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With the right level of security in place, we will give customers, suppliers and logistics partners access to certain areas of our email database. Customers, for example, can check on their order history and delivery status of outstanding orders. By giving suppliers access to stock levels, we can help them to plan their own production schedules more efficiently. Logistics partners can check on current orders so they can plan their delivery schedules.


The basic customer and consumer information is important for administration of our e-business. By recording information on customers’ products searches, information requests and purchases, we can also build a detailed picture of individual customers’ product preferences, purchasing history and future buying potential.

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